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Deposit Agreement

  • I hereby acknowledge and understand that once the deposit is received the Owner (landlord) will take the apartment off the market and that pending the owner’s approval, this deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE. The deposit is REFUNDABLE* if owner refuses tenant(s). I understand I have 30 days from the time of refusal to collect my deposit or it will constitute as a waiver of my deposit. I understand that if at any point of the process I am no longer interested in moving into the apartment it will constitute as a waiver of my deposit. I understand that from the time of the approval I have until the next business day to complete the rest of the security deposit (which is an equivalent of month’s rent). Otherwise it will constitute as a waiver of my deposit.

    I further acknowledge that I have received from the Broker/Agent a list of all the necessary documents and fees that I need to complete my application. I also understand that failure to submit the balance of the security deposit and application fees by the end of the next business day, and the remaining documents within 3 business days will constitute a waiver of my deposit.

    I acknowledge that return deposit days are Fridays only. If client can’t pick up the deposit on Friday, a check will be sent to me by mail.

  • I understand that if the guarantor box is checked, I will have to provide a guarantor. Failure to do so, will constitute as a waiver of my deposit.

    • HeatHot WaterElectricGasNo Utilities
    • First and DepositFirst & Last Month’s Rent & Security Deposit
  • I Acknowledge that all refunded deposits will be returned in the form of a check regardless of the mean of payment the deposit was given. I further acknowledge that any outstanding application fees will be deducted from my security deposit in the case of a refund.

    • I hereby agree to abide by the terms of this agreement