Why Brooklyn?

It's the hottest neighborhood on earth, walk the streets day or night to see hordes of young people from all over the world. During the day, quiet and casual, at night, the trendiest, most diverse borough in NYC. Brooklyn was voted the most attractive destination for real estate investments coming from outside the country. It's a major center for education, research, media, arts, culture, fashion and entertainment in the country. It's also home to some of the most amazing artist and professionals. Brooklyn is one of the most attractive boroughs in New York City, which is the home to some of the nations – and the worlds- most valuable real estate and is a global hub of international business and commerce. Since 2005, the city has had the lowest crime rate among the 25 largest cities in the United States, welcoming families from elderly to young toddlers. Brooklyn offers a home for everyone.

Why Now?

Brooklyn has new developments, among the many, a new high- tech arena and new NBA basketball team; say what you want about the new Barclay's Center, but big money projects that change cities almost never hurt property value. The staples center in Los Angeles was severely criticized for years. Now the area around is the biggest boom town in southern California. The same will hold true of the Barclays center. Not only is it a good decision to look around there, it's a smart decision to look a half mile away. Downtown Brooklyn could benefit the most from the new arrival. Brooklyn is the fastest growing NYC hood at the moment with 10-15% on year- over- year average rent. The most attractive investment opportunities in this neighborhood are single and multi-family homes, industrial buildings that may be converted to residential. New construction condos with 25 year abatements (which can be rented for positive cash flow)

Why Us?

We are Brooklyners! Our staff knows the local market better than anybody else. We specialize in locating potential properties to max profit. GB Properties' investments are made with an underwriting focus based on partnership. We have ingrained the understanding of what it takes to successfully invest and manage real estate to our team. GB Properties has previously entered into many joint venture partnerships with a broad cross section of capital partners and operating partners in order to source acquire and execute deals with the best combination of capital and operating expertise. GB Properties has a long history of directly owning, developing, converting and operating real estate assets in multiple locations. With our experiences our company is very well equipped to handle all sorts of real estate projects successfully.